c a r l g e n t

Hi thanks for visiting.

I deleted my old website (that I really really liked) as it was hosted by Wix, an organic target of the BDS movement. Find out more here.

So now it's just this. I'm kinda looking forward to building it up again but who knows if I'll ever get round to it. Let's say it'll be up at some point in Summer 2024??

Send me an email - carl@carlgent.com if you want to ask or see anything in the interim. You can still get my books, watch videos and listen to soundpieces with a little bit of googling at your end. I'm also constantly on instagram it seems. If you go to my profile there's highlights with genuine photos of my art alongside all the hot selfies.

I do have some bits coming up:

THURS 27 JUNE: Reading/singing/something at SET Social, Peckham.

FRI 28 - SAT 29 JUNE: Linda Stupart and I are peforming at the London Conference of Critical Thought at Greenwich University.

MAY-JUNE: I've got a print residency at ArtHub Studios, Woolwich which I think will end up in a little exhibition of pamphlets, mezzotints and booty shorts.

JULY: I'm up at Hospitalfield, Arbroath for another residency. Hit me up if you're around.

If you're also interested in moving your Wix hosted site, there's a good guide how to here.

Love, solidarity, free Palestine

Carl x .