Sky Burial

( 2015 )


Sky Burial

lime putty ordered from EcoLime Ltd, synthetic wigs and wig fibres purchased in Deptford Market and Deptford High Street, topsoil from Goldsmiths campus, cattle and calf excrement kindly donated by Surrey Docks Farm and Vauxhall City Farm, tinted safety glass, stainless steel, shovels, wheelbarrow, wellington boots, timber pallet, compost bins, callout posters, wallpaper paste, antibacterial sanitizing gel, labour of futurologists, the weather between 2nd-7th July 2015


Sky Burial Symposium

a symposium on the future with daub mixing that took place on Thursday 2nd July 2015 on the exterior balcony of the Ben Pimlott Building, Goldsmiths College, London


Sky Burial Performance Afternoon

an afternoon of performances within the sculpture Sky Burial that occurred on Monday 20th July 2015


( credits )


Symposium delegates ~ Laura Burke, Fran Edgerley, Carl Gent, Andrew Hall + Daniel Rourke

Symposium photography by Roberta Matiyatye

Sky Burial photography by Suzy Dunford and Rebecca Lennon


( performance credits )


Jude Browning. Untitled.

Kate Mahony. Untitled.

Daphne de Sonneville. Conversation Piece (extended version).

Jenna Finch. Beats.

Francisco Sousa Lobo. Heart of Shyness.

Catherine Smiles. Suck in... push out.

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau. Acceptable Blockages.

Carl Gent. Sylfum Brimflód Hréow